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About The Trip

Justin Stein

“Throughout the trip, staff and campers alike helped show me the magnificence of Judaism and helped me connect to the past, present, and future of the Jewish people.  I no longer feel like Judaism is an obligation, rather something to be proud of.  This summer was truly life changing!  Thank you for the opportunity!”

Mikayla Kimel

“Taking advantage of the opportunities JOLT gave me inspired me to take the next steps in my religious journey. This summer I learned more about my Judaism than ever before!  I was able to push myself in ways I never knew possible and am now much more confident and driven to be the leader within my community.”

Tani Kay

Jolt 2014 was truly a life changing experience.  I found myself in a foreign country seemingly abandoned of all Jewry and suddenly a bus full of Jewish teenagers, eager to learn and grow, were thrust upon us. This gave us the incredible opportunity to be able to really make a difference in these kids lives and I will never forget that feeling of accomplishment and pride it gave me.”

Nathaniel Mayberg

“Because of JOLT my Jewish identity is at its highest. I now understand where the Jewish people have come from, where we are, and ultimately where we need to go. I am no longer self conscious to show my Jewish identity to the world, instead the idea excites me.”

Adele Lerner

“Thanks to JOLT, I was able to find leadership in myself, connect to my Judaism in immeasurable ways and gain an entirely new perspective on life. I have never experienced anything so powerful, inspirational and life-changing.”

Jesse Salver

“JOLT opened my mind to things I would never have thought about a few months ago. Most importantly, I realize how much power an individual holds, and how much impact one can do with the right intentions. As my TJJ director Josh Broide once said; to truly be successful you have to ‘inspire yourself to inspire others.’ Now its my time to take the lessons and experiences from JOLT and direct them towards making a difference this new year.”

Sarah Zusin

“My summer on JOLT was an unforgettable experience. From learning about my Jewish heritage to meeting my best friends, I can easily say I had the best summer ever!”