Justin Stein

“Throughout the trip, staff and campers alike helped show me the magnificence of Judaism and helped me connect to the past, present, and future of the Jewish people.  I no longer feel like Judaism is an obligation, rather something to be proud of.  This summer […]

Mikayla Kimel

“Taking advantage of the opportunities JOLT gave me inspired me to take the next steps in my religious journey. This summer I learned more about my Judaism than ever before!  I was able to push myself in ways I never knew possible and am now […]

Tani Kay

“Jolt 2014 was truly a life changing experience.  I found myself in a foreign country seemingly abandoned of all Jewry and suddenly a bus full of Jewish teenagers, eager to learn and grow, were thrust upon us. This gave us the incredible opportunity to be […]

Nathaniel Mayberg

“Because of JOLT my Jewish identity is at its highest. I now understand where the Jewish people have come from, where we are, and ultimately where we need to go. I am no longer self conscious to show my Jewish identity to the world, instead […]

Adele Lerner

“Thanks to JOLT, I was able to find leadership in myself, connect to my Judaism in immeasurable ways and gain an entirely new perspective on life. I have never experienced anything so powerful, inspirational and life-changing.”

Jesse Salver

“JOLT opened my mind to things I would never have thought about a few months ago. Most importantly, I realize how much power an individual holds, and how much impact one can do with the right intentions. As my TJJ director Josh Broide once said; […]

Sarah Zusin

“My summer on JOLT was an unforgettable experience. From learning about my Jewish heritage to meeting my best friends, I can easily say I had the best summer ever!”