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About The Trip

Trip Day To Vienna

jolt July 18, 2019

Dear Parents and Fellow JOLTers, 

Today we went on an amazing trip to the beutiful capital of Austria, Vienna! After a long bus ride where most of us caught up on some Z’s, we finally arrived and headed straight to the Jewish Museum of Vienna for lunch. Outside the museum, we saw the monument for the Austrian Jews that perished in the Holocaust. We then split up into smaller groups and were able to walk around in order to explore the city. 

We were very excited about the various options of Kosher food and most of us headed straight for the restaurants! We enjoyed sushi, steaks, burgers, and of course some delicious gelatto! We also went to the kosher supermarket and stocked up on some yummy snacks for the bus ride back to camp. After a while, we met up at the Jewish Museum for an exciting pizza dinner! We davened mincha there and then headed to the buses to make our way back to camp. 

Back at camp, we davened Mariv and sang Shema and Hamalach Hagoel with the JSummer campers. It was truly an amazing day and we are pumped for shabbos!

The JOLT Squad