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About The Trip

Last Day in the North!

jolt July 26, 2019

Dear Parents and Fellow JOLTers,

We couldn’t have spent our last day in the North of Israel in a better way. We woke up to the beautiful view of the Kinneret in our hotel in Poriya before heading out to Nahar Yarden for an exciting game of paintball! We played a game of capture the flag that was exciting and thrilling as we had to run to the middle of the field to grab the flag while paint bullets flew everywhere.  We all got covered with paint and truly had a blast.

After a delicious hamburger lunch in Nahar Yarden, we made our way down to Nahar HaKibuzim for yet another water hike! We had a lot of fun swimming through the water of our holy land as we cooled off from the intense heat!

We then made our way to the Prima Kings hotel in Jerusalem and checked in before heading out to town. We went to Ben Yehuda where we were given money to buy whatever we desired for dinner. Some of us got hamburgers and steak while others went for pizza, ice cream, and crepes. It was an amazing night in Jerusalem and I’m excited to see what’s next!

Ohad Tessler