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About The Trip

JSummer Trip Day!

jolt July 16, 2019

Dear Parents and fellow JOLTers,

Today was another really awesome day at JSummer! We started off the day with the usual- Mifkad and breakfast. We then had some special JOLT time where Rabbi Zians ran a thought provoking activity where we were challenged in our belief system and in how we’ve arrived at our beliefs and ideals.

We then went on a bus ride to an incredible castle on top of a mountain in the Austrian Alps where we saw a cool falconry show that included some eagles and falcons. We then had some delicious lunch and continued on to a monkey sanctuary where we saw the animals up close and interacted with them. 

On our way back we had a surprise stop at a supermarket where we got to buy delicious Austrian chocolates and potato chips. Back at the camp, we had dinner that was followed by a really fun night activity-We were split into teams and tasked to find papers that were scattered around the building that contained objectives for us to complete. 

We then davened Maariv and had our usual beautiful recitation of shema with the JSummer campers. Before heading to bed, some of us baked challah while others star gazed and learned more about how to navigate with stars.

Can’t wait for another incredible day tomorrow!!

Avi Polotsky