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JSummer Funday!

jolt July 15, 2019

Dear Parents and fellow JOLTers,

Today at JSummer, Monday, July 15th, was a fun-filled day, that included a Color War Fake-out, Pirkei Avot learning, Chavrutahs, and much more. We started off our ordinary morning with davening and mifkad, where we do some exercises and recite basic prayers with the JSummer campers. During breakfast we were told that our fearless leader, Rabbi Zians, was sick and we would see him off to the hospital. After many worried faces and assumptions of a REAL Color War Break-out, we found out it was, in fact, a Color War Fake-out! Color War has yet to happen…

We continued our morning with Pirkei Avos learning as well as games for the younger kids, and chavruta learning with the older kids. From there, we had an excellent lunch that included chicken and couscous. Next, campers chose from a variety of activities, including tie-dying, hiking, soccer, yoga, origami, and journaling. We spent our free time playing catch with a football and jumping on the in-ground trampoline. Afterwards, JOLT led Speed Dating, a fast-paced game to get to know one another, and Counselor Tag, where campers had to collect all the various colors of bracelets from hidden counselors, before they were tagged and had to give up their collection.

Us JOLTer’s then went on a stroll through the mountains, breathing in the fresh air to relieve us of our group-wide case of the giggles that followed a ban on plastic cups, leaving us to drink hot tea from plastic bowls and water directly from the tap. We ended the night with the Newlywed Game, where we learned more about each other through fun and interesting questions. Some questions included the color of their toothbrush, celebrity crush, favorite superhero, and more. Lastly, JSummer and JOLT gathered together to sing the night time Shema and Hamalach HaGoel, in both Hebrew and Russian. Looking forward to another exciting day of camp tomorrow!

By Talia Delman and Dovid Trencher