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About The Trip

JSummer Day 1

jolt July 10, 2019

Dear Parents and fellow JOLTers,

Today was another awesome day on NCSY JOLT! After Shachris, Rabbi Zians announced to the group that we would be going on a hike in the Austrian Alps. We all got on our hiking shoes and headed out to the steep peeks. As we began walking up the mountain we decided to go off the main path and hike spontaneously in our own direction. You could feel the sense of achievement among the JOLTer’s as we made it to the peak of the mountain. The view was insane and was well worth the four hour hike and we took great pictures. Coming down, we played music and laughed about all the complaining we did as we climbed up the mountain just moments before. Back at camp, we enjoyed a few hours to ourselves; some of us napped, others relaxed on the grass, and others played sports or learned. As the day went on, we anxiously awaited the Jsummer kids to arrive and did last minute preparations. We gathered in front of the camp and had a dance party, setting the mood for the JSummer campers’ arrival. When the bus pulled up we greeted the campers with loud music and dancing and quickly became friends. The night continued with the camp splitting up between the two divisions: JTeens and JCommunity. Each group got to know each other better through ice breakers and games. and we ended our day with the entire camp singing Shema in unison. It was truly a fun and inspiring day!

Sirelle Malkiel