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About The Trip

Summer 2019


Last Day in the North!

Dear Parents and Fellow JOLTers,

We couldn’t have spent our last day in the North of Israel in a better way. We woke up to the beautiful view of the Kinneret in our hotel in Poriya before heading out to Nahar Yarden for an exciting game of paintball! We played a game of capture the flag that was exciting and thrilling as we had to run to the middle of the field to grab the flag while paint bullets flew everywhere.  We all got covered with paint and truly had a blast.

After a delicious hamburger lunch in Nahar Yarden, we made our way down to Nahar HaKibuzim for yet another water hike! We had a lot of fun swimming through the water of our holy land as we cooled off from the intense heat!

We then made our way to the Prima Kings hotel in Jerusalem and checked in before heading out to town. We went to Ben Yehuda where we were given money to buy whatever we desired for dinner. Some of us got hamburgers and steak while others went for pizza, ice cream, and crepes. It was an amazing night in Jerusalem and I’m excited to see what’s next!

Ohad Tessler 


Finally Home!!!

Dear Parents and fellow JOLTers,

Today started off on a sad note as we said goodbye to all of our German friends from the JSummer camp in Austria. Many tears were shed on both sides (but not too many because we had to conserve water for the fast). After some JOLT bonding time, we boarded the bus for the exciting five hour drive back to the Munich airport. The day suddenly took an upturn as we boarded the plane to Israel. After four hours of intense anticipation, we finally landed in the homeland of our ancestors!

After learning about our past in Poland and experiencing our present in Austria, we went straight to the Kotel for a meaningful sunrise Shacharit as we looked towards our future. We were then treated to a lavish breakfast at Rimon Cafe in Mamilla Mall consisting of a delicious Israeli style spread culminating in waffles for dessert.

We then made our way to the North of Israel, and after a long bus ride we finally arrived at the hotel in Poriyah. After some time to relax and unpack, we had some intense team building exercises and a delicious dinner. We then headed out one last time for some shopping and touring in Tiberia. Wiped out, we all headed home for a good nights sleep as we prepare for a long and fun day tomorrow!


Avi Cunningham


Trip Day To Vienna

Dear Parents and Fellow JOLTers, 

Today we went on an amazing trip to the beutiful capital of Austria, Vienna! After a long bus ride where most of us caught up on some Z’s, we finally arrived and headed straight to the Jewish Museum of Vienna for lunch. Outside the museum, we saw the monument for the Austrian Jews that perished in the Holocaust. We then split up into smaller groups and were able to walk around in order to explore the city. 

We were very excited about the various options of Kosher food and most of us headed straight for the restaurants! We enjoyed sushi, steaks, burgers, and of course some delicious gelatto! We also went to the kosher supermarket and stocked up on some yummy snacks for the bus ride back to camp. After a while, we met up at the Jewish Museum for an exciting pizza dinner! We davened mincha there and then headed to the buses to make our way back to camp. 

Back at camp, we davened Mariv and sang Shema and Hamalach Hagoel with the JSummer campers. It was truly an amazing day and we are pumped for shabbos!

The JOLT Squad

JSummer Trip Day!

Dear Parents and fellow JOLTers,

Today was another really awesome day at JSummer! We started off the day with the usual- Mifkad and breakfast. We then had some special JOLT time where Rabbi Zians ran a thought provoking activity where we were challenged in our belief system and in how we’ve arrived at our beliefs and ideals.

We then went on a bus ride to an incredible castle on top of a mountain in the Austrian Alps where we saw a cool falconry show that included some eagles and falcons. We then had some delicious lunch and continued on to a monkey sanctuary where we saw the animals up close and interacted with them. 

On our way back we had a surprise stop at a supermarket where we got to buy delicious Austrian chocolates and potato chips. Back at the camp, we had dinner that was followed by a really fun night activity-We were split into teams and tasked to find papers that were scattered around the building that contained objectives for us to complete. 

We then davened Maariv and had our usual beautiful recitation of shema with the JSummer campers. Before heading to bed, some of us baked challah while others star gazed and learned more about how to navigate with stars.

Can’t wait for another incredible day tomorrow!!

Avi Polotsky

JSummer Funday!

Dear Parents and fellow JOLTers,

Today at JSummer, Monday, July 15th, was a fun-filled day, that included a Color War Fake-out, Pirkei Avot learning, Chavrutahs, and much more. We started off our ordinary morning with davening and mifkad, where we do some exercises and recite basic prayers with the JSummer campers. During breakfast we were told that our fearless leader, Rabbi Zians, was sick and we would see him off to the hospital. After many worried faces and assumptions of a REAL Color War Break-out, we found out it was, in fact, a Color War Fake-out! Color War has yet to happen…

We continued our morning with Pirkei Avos learning as well as games for the younger kids, and chavruta learning with the older kids. From there, we had an excellent lunch that included chicken and couscous. Next, campers chose from a variety of activities, including tie-dying, hiking, soccer, yoga, origami, and journaling. We spent our free time playing catch with a football and jumping on the in-ground trampoline. Afterwards, JOLT led Speed Dating, a fast-paced game to get to know one another, and Counselor Tag, where campers had to collect all the various colors of bracelets from hidden counselors, before they were tagged and had to give up their collection.

Us JOLTer’s then went on a stroll through the mountains, breathing in the fresh air to relieve us of our group-wide case of the giggles that followed a ban on plastic cups, leaving us to drink hot tea from plastic bowls and water directly from the tap. We ended the night with the Newlywed Game, where we learned more about each other through fun and interesting questions. Some questions included the color of their toothbrush, celebrity crush, favorite superhero, and more. Lastly, JSummer and JOLT gathered together to sing the night time Shema and Hamalach HaGoel, in both Hebrew and Russian. Looking forward to another exciting day of camp tomorrow!

By Talia Delman and Dovid Trencher

Shabbat and Trip Day in Austria!!

JSummer Day 2

Vlog (video blog) by Jo Franks. 

JSummer Day 1

Dear Parents and fellow JOLTers,

Today was another awesome day on NCSY JOLT! After Shachris, Rabbi Zians announced to the group that we would be going on a hike in the Austrian Alps. We all got on our hiking shoes and headed out to the steep peeks. As we began walking up the mountain we decided to go off the main path and hike spontaneously in our own direction. You could feel the sense of achievement among the JOLTer’s as we made it to the peak of the mountain. The view was insane and was well worth the four hour hike and we took great pictures. Coming down, we played music and laughed about all the complaining we did as we climbed up the mountain just moments before. Back at camp, we enjoyed a few hours to ourselves; some of us napped, others relaxed on the grass, and others played sports or learned. As the day went on, we anxiously awaited the Jsummer kids to arrive and did last minute preparations. We gathered in front of the camp and had a dance party, setting the mood for the JSummer campers’ arrival. When the bus pulled up we greeted the campers with loud music and dancing and quickly became friends. The night continued with the camp splitting up between the two divisions: JTeens and JCommunity. Each group got to know each other better through ice breakers and games. and we ended our day with the entire camp singing Shema in unison. It was truly a fun and inspiring day!

Sirelle Malkiel