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About The Trip

IDF Training, ATVing, Kever Rochel

jolt July 26, 2018

Dear parents and fellow JOLTers, 

Today was our 8th day in the holy land! It’s crazy that this starts our second week here in Israel. We started our day nice and early and headed from Yerushalayim straight to Acharai for a mini army training session. The activity included many team building exercises. We split into two groups and completed the various challenges that the advisors gave us. My group had to get a ball that was inside a roped circle on the ground out of the circle with out going inside the circle. Overall the army training was super fun exciting and a good bonding experience with our fellow JOLTers. After army training they took us to Emek Refaim for some free time to get lunch and shop. I had a REALLY yummy chicken salad, and it was definitely a highlight of my day :). Then we went to do some chessed at Pantry Packers. We watched a video and saw how many people are really hungry and how they really need our help to package the food, so we split into groups of seven and packaged rice for the hungry. It was a super interesting experience to see that so many people can’t afford food. It made me more appreciative for my dinner later in the day. After that we went on awesome ATVs in the gush. It was so cool!!! We got to see the vineyards and the community that lives there. As I was on my ATV I realized that we were passing the same places that the meraglim and Yosef walked, and I thought it was really cool! After that our jam packed day continued to get better!- crazy right? We went to kever Rachel which was really meaningful to daven at such a tzadekes kever especially after visiting Poland and doing keruv in Austria. I really felt her presence in my davening and I found that really powerful. After that amazing day we went back to our hotel for a delicious dinner and a sick night activity. Overall today and jolt was and has been amazing and only gets better and better. Can’t wait for tomorrow! 

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed! 

Natalie Barbanel