BLOG -Summer 2018

First Shabbos in Israel

Hey parents! Shavua tov! This Shabbat was our first in Israel and it was absolutely amazing. On Friday night we all took shabbat pictures with a view of the Kinneret behind us because we are staying in the city of Tiberias. Following that, we had

Israel Day 2 – Tzfat

Today we went to Tzfat. The holy, beautiful, magnificent city of Tzfat. I thought it was gorgeous, seeing the architecture and the buildings and structures covered in blue paint.  Ruti, our awesome tour guide taught us a new word in Hebrew that Israelis say all

Israel Day 1 – Kotel and Kfar Kedem

Dead Jolter families! As we got off the plane from Austria this morning, I couldn’t keep my eyes open or even stand straight. We had had a long, fun day in Munich, Germany and an incredible 10 days with Jsummer. I was tired and all

Day 8 – JSummer

Dear Parents, After shacharis, the day started with mifkad. After our usual singing and shtick, we saw a fake marriage proposal as a color war break out for JSummer. I have to admit it was pretty good. I would be lying if I didn’t say

Day 7 – JSummer

Hi Jolt families! Today we woke up a bit earlier than usual, 6:45am, to go repelling in the beautiful alps! We davened shacharis all together and right after, we headed outside for Mifkad. Since it was drizzling and cold outside we went back inside to

Day 6 – JSummer

Dear parents, Waking up Shabbat morning was a struggle, per usual. The sounds of the Friday night zmiros still echoed in my head. The advisors pulled us out of bed and down to shacharit where there was not one but two parshas and a haftorah

Day 4 – JSummer

Dear parents, Today was a good day. Today we woke at 630 AM and after a great breakfast we journeyed to the far land of Salzberg, otherwise known as Mozart’s birthplace. There, we were given many, many hours of free time to shop, eat lunch,

Day 3 – JSummer

Dear Parents, As the third day of the extraordinary JSummer program comes to a close, I would like to give you a small glimpse into the inspiring day that I along with each and every one of my fellow JOLTers have had the chance to

Day 2 – JSummer

Dear Parents, Today I had the pleasure of waking up to a picturesque view of the Austrian Alps. After a delicious breakfast, I split into a group with the JOLTers who work with Jcommunity, a shiur based program for the older participants of Jsummer. We

Austria and JSummer – Day 1

Dear parents, We woke up this morning to the beautiful scenery of the Austrian Alps and jumped right into the action for our first full day at JSummer. After shacharit, we got to meet the JSummer participants and get to know them a bit over