Up North!

Hi my name is Noah Meimoun, and I’m from Houston, Texas. This morning we woke up in our Bedouin tents and after shacharit, we dined on a Bedouin breakfast. We got on the bus and after quite a long drive up north, we finally arrived to our first activity, repelling. We all ate a quick lunch and ran to grab our helmets and harnesses ready to go down the cliff. Looking at most of the other Jolters, we all seemed pretty nervous to be hanging 100 feet in the air by just a few ropes, but we got in line and went down anyway. As soon as you got about a third of the way down, the whole view opened up, showing Israel’s beautiful landscape. As we each got down to the bottom, we explored the area below, relaxed, and cheered on our friends who were coming down next. The whole repelling experience was amazing, but the hard part was yet to come.
When the whole group finally reached the bottom, we began a hike back up to the top of the cliff. The hike was quite a challenge with uphill climbing, narrow rocky paths, and scorching heat, but we all got through it made it back to the bus. Next, we stopped and had an authentic Israeli dinner by the Kineret. After dinner we walked over to the docks and got on boats. We danced to Israeli music and had an overall great time. That concludes the activities of the day and even though Jolt is only two more days, we are excited to make the most of them, and enjoy every moment we have.