Shabbos in Jerusalem!!

Hey JOLT friends and family!! My name is Jaclyn Kholodenko and I’m from Toronto, Ontario. Our last Shabbat together as NCSY JOLT 2017 was spent in central Jerusalem, right outside the old city. The day began with us splitting up between three shuls: The Great Synagogue, the Italian Shul, and Beit Yeshurun. I went to the Italian Shul, which was a davening experience like no other. The nussach is entirely unique and it was amazing to experience such a unique blend of tradition, and despite the hour long Torah reading, I can’t wait to visit again in my next trip to Israel. After a short Kiddush, we met with our chaburahs, in which my group discussed making judgements from different perspectives and being just. Then, we proceeded onto an amazing buffet lunch courtesy of our hotel!! Menucha break was for the most part spent shmoozing and learning with each other and the advisors, and from there, we all went to the park in which even more shmoozing ensued. Following a quick Seudat shlishit, we went to the balcony for our last Shabbat ebbing. Nothing ever felt more bittersweet, and by the end, we were all feeling the end of both Shabbat and JOLT approaching. For me personally, I can’t stop thinking that JOLT is nearly over, and I was dreading this Shabbat coming to a close because that would mean the best summer of my life would be ending too. However, just as Shabbat ends each week with Havdalah, we intend for JOLT to go out with a bang, and just like Shabbat comes back every week, JOLT will find our way together again, IYH in Yerushalayim. Shavua tov and can’t wait for tomorrow!!