Down South!

Hey there JOLT lovers! My name is Ariella Robinson from New York, New York and I am so excited to tell you about our day down south! After a really late night, we slept in until 8:00am, davened, ate, and packed up the bus. We began heading south, to Ein Gedi. After a about 2 hours on the bus, we got off, filled up our water bottles and made sure to put our hats on. We began a small hike, stopping along the way to learn about the significance of Ein Gedi, how David HaMelech hid from Shaul there. The girls and guys split up amongst the different water pools for a refreshing break from the hot sun.

Following shnitzel sandwiches, we made our way to the Dead Sea for a chance to relax and float covered in heavy layers of salt. After about an hour and half of baking in the sun, we drove to the Bedouin tents, where we had the awesome opportunity to ride camels! Afterwards, we went into authentic Bedouin tents to hear from a Bedouin and learn about their culture. We even tried their special teas and coffee. For dinner, we ate meat, chicken, vegetables, and couscous all served on the same platter. The only utensils we had were serving spoons. We used our pieces of laffa as plates! We had awhile to walk around the grounds. As soon as we gathered back together, we were put into two lines and told to shut our phones off. We walked into the desert for about 10 minutes until you could barely see anything. We sat in a circle and Alexa began to speak to us about the importance of connecting. Then, we all dispersed to find our own space for some hitboddidut, meditation.We were out in the darkness, full of silence, for over half an hour. When we were called back together, we walked quietly for a bonfire where we sang and roasted marshmallows.

It was really nice to travel into the south for a chance to connect with nature. I cant wait for what the north will bring!