BLOG -Summer 2017

Up North!

Hi my name is Noah Meimoun, and I’m from Houston, Texas. This morning we woke up in our Bedouin tents and after shacharit, we dined on a Bedouin breakfast. We got on the bus and after quite a long drive up north, we finally arrived

Down South!

Hey there JOLT lovers! My name is Ariella Robinson from New York, New York and I am so excited to tell you about our day down south! After a really late night, we slept in until 8:00am, davened, ate, and packed up the bus. We

Shabbos in Jerusalem!!

Hey JOLT friends and family!! My name is Jaclyn Kholodenko and I’m from Toronto, Ontario. Our last Shabbat together as NCSY JOLT 2017 was spent in central Jerusalem, right outside the old city. The day began with us splitting up between three shuls: The Great

Jerusalem: Day 5

Hi, my name is Rina Reich and I’m from Hollywood, Florida. Friday began by heading to Ir David, the City of David, where we began by learning about David HaMelech’s palace. In school, I always really enjoyed learning about David HaMelech, so I was pretty

Jerusalem: Day 4

Hi, my name is Tziona Chernoff, from Chicago, Illinois, and today has been an truly memorable day. We began the trip with the JOLT flag securely in the front of our bus, hats on our heads, and NCSY camel backs filled. We were then taken

Krav Maga, Paintball, and YOM NCSY

Hi! I’m Chana Kolber from Wesley Hills, New York.  We began our day with Shacharit and a delicious breakfast at the hotel. We loaded the busses and after a standard 45-minute bus ride, we got to Caliber 3, located in the Gush, for krav maga

Tisha B’Av in Yerushalayim

Hi guys, my name is Dovid Zak and I’m from Boca Raton, Florida. The other day was Tisha B’Av, which began Monday evening following a seudah mafseket at the hotel. Once the fast began, we all headed into the activity room of the hotel for

Our Last Shabbos with JSummer

Hi, I’m Mimi Broches from Seattle Washington. This past Shabbos was both our second and last Shabbos with JSummer in Austria. We started Shabbos with tons of Pre Shabbos pictures. During candle lighting, one of the JSummer madrichas spoke about the power of lighting candles.

JOLT Arrived in Israel!!

Hi! I’m Rachelle Guy from Stamford, CT and today was the day our dreams became our reality. At 4:45 in the morning, we boarded taxis, drove down through the Austrian Alps, and flew home to Israel. This was not my first time in Israel, but

My First Time in Israel!

Hi, I’m Sarit Swift from Boca Raton, Florida and I’m writing to you from Israel! After many heartfelt goodbyes with the JSummer chanichim, we left Austria super early. For the past two weeks we had been staying in a lodge on top of a mountain