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About The Trip
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Q:What are our religious expectations on JOLT?


Participants are expected to uphold an Orthodox lifestyle while on JOLT. Teens are expected to daven three times a day. Boys will be required to wear tzitzit, a kippah, and to put on tefilin every morning (except for Shabbat). Girls are required to wear skirts that cover the knees, and shirts that cover the elbows. It is important to recognize that the JOLTers are religious role models for the participants of the camp.

Q:What will we be doing when we get to Israel?


After the emotional turbulence of Poland and the empowering trip to Denmark, the Israel experience will be highlighted by a new sense of self-reflection. You will be able to transition from learning about the past of our grandparents to the building of our future in the thriving land of Israel.

Q:Do we have to do any preparation before coming on JOLT?


Once on JOLT, we collaborate together to create fun and engaging activities and programs to run for the Am Echad Camp. Before the trip you will also be provided with an optional reading list if you are interested to get ready for the places you will be visiting.

Q:JOLT sounds like there is a lot of responsibility, will I also just be able to experience the places we travel to?


Yes, you will have a lot to accomplish in five weeks, but that is what makes JOLT such a unique opportunity. You will be traveling and touring across Europe and Israel, strengthening your leadership skills and having a great time. During the time at Camp Am Echad, we will go on a few trips with the campers. Once we get to Israel our touring takes us all over Israel: from Tzfat to Masada and from Ein Gedi to the Mediterranean Sea. We’ll have fun banana boating, hiking, rafting, zip-lining, rappelling and much much more!

Q:How will we be able communicate with the German and Russian children in the camp?


A lot of the communication with the children is done through a translator. However, in many situations, communication is dependent on how much effort we put into showing the campers that we care to reach them. Once the children know that, they will try their best to meet you halfway. They will also be able to pick up on basic hand motions and body language. By the end of the camp they will even pick up some English.

Q:Can I make my own flight arrangements to extend my trip?


Yes. To extend a ticket, you will need to contact the summer programs team. He or she will give you the direct email address for our travel agent who will make the accommodations. Program associates cannot arrange flights.

Note: Any additional fees associated with the change are the responsibility of the program participant.

Q:Is there a free weekend?


Since there are so many incredible places we are excited to explore with you, there is no free weekend. We encourage you to extend your stay in Israel to be able to visit with family and friends.

Q:I have dietary restrictions, can you accommodate me?


If you have dietary limitations, contact your summer program associate to discuss your concerns. We do our best to accommodate everyone.

Q:Are there scholarships for JOLT?


Financial aid is limited from the National NCSY office. Scholarships are need-based and given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. To be considered for financial assistance, you must fill out the online application and submit your most recent tax return.

You can also apply for secondary scholarships by contacting your local synagogue, Jewish Federation and NCSY chapter. To see a complete listing of Federations, click here

Q:Where will we be sleeping on JOLT?


While in Poland we will be sleeping in hotels. During the camp in Denmark we will be staying at the camp site. And once we reach Israel we will be staying at hotels and hostels throughout the country.