Our Last Day!

Today was both a happy and sad day. Happy because, I mean, every day on JOLT is designed to bring a smile to our faces. Sad, however, because we all know that our summer experience is coming to a close. Either way, we didn’t waste

The Kineret, Kfar Blum, and Tveriya!

Today we journeyed up north to the banks of the Kineret. On the sand, half of our group participated in many different types of team building exercises, while the other half built rafts out of bamboo, ropes and barrels. The builders then had to sail

Our Last Shabbos!

We just spent our last shabbat together in Yerushalayim. We greeted shabbat by going to daven at the kotel with jews from all over the world. As we sang lecha dodi there was a sense of unity that is specific to being in Israel and

Tisha Ba’Av in Yerushalayim!

Spending Tisha Ba’av in Yerushalayim was really an inspiring experience. We started off the day with a late wake up (8:45!!) and then we davened together with JOLT Israel. Next we had a beautiful program, circling around to each of the advisors to hear new

Caliber 3, Kollel, and Rosh Tzurim!

Today was incredible! We started out the day heading to Caliber 3 in Efrat, which is a soldier training facility. There they taught us some self defense techniques in Krav Megah- which we practiced on each other- to help give us a little insight as

Camels, Shvil Hasalat, and ATVs!

Wednesday morning we woke up in the very hot Bedouin tents and after davening shacharis in the desert, we ate a really satisfying breakfast. Straight from breakfast we headed towards our next activity – camel riding!  After the camel riding we went to Shvil Hasalat –

Aish, One Family, and Bedouins

Tuesday morning started with an incredible breakfast at the Prima Kings hotel in Yerushalayim. With full stomachs, we walked through the old city to arrive at the Aish Hatorah Discovery Seminar. We heard phenomenal classes that touched on the subjects of who wrote the Torah, codes

The End of JSummer, but the Start of Israel!

Sunday morning we sadly said goodbye to the J-Summer Campers. We then finished packing up and headed to the Munich Airport. Though exhausted, we were all beyond excited to be heading to Israel!!! We arrived safely early Monday morning. Immediately from the airport we went to the

A Shabbos to Remember!

A SHABBOS TO REMEMBER For some this will be their last time celebrating Shabbos for the rest of the year, but for others this was the first Shabbos of the rest of their lives. Making our way to Kabbalas Shabbos you could see the excitement