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About The Trip



NCSY’s Jewish Overseas Leadership Training (JOLT) program provides an experience like no other. JOLT is an intense leadership program designed for truly exceptional high school teens. Past participants have described the NCSY JOLT experience as having a truly transformational impact on their identity as Jews and leaders of the Jewish people.

Past: Poland

NCSY JOLT will lead off their incredible journey with a life-altering trip to Poland.  There, you will learn about the rich Jewish past on European soil, reflect on the enormity of the Holocaust and celebrate in a community reborn. NCSY JOLTers will have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of our past and visit “kivrei tzaddikim” all while learning about our past and learning about what it means to be a Jewish leader.

Present: Austria

NCSY JOLT will partner with the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation to create a camp for non-affiliated Jewish European children, and instill in the campers what it means to be a Jew. Here, NCSY JOLTers will hone in on their leadership skills and create and implement creative programming to instill the beauty of Torah into the lives of the campers; a once in a lifetime experience!

Future: Israel

While touring our breathtaking country, NCSY JOLTers will have the ability to relax and reflect on their experiences in Poland and Austria. NCSY JOLTers will have the ability to discuss with their peers and staff members about what it means to be a Jewish leader in today’s world, and how they can utilize their NCSY JOLT experience to make a difference in the Jewish world at large.